Is WordPress Website Still Secure?

It is not a secret to anybody that 30% of the world’s website is powered by WordPress, and 60% of the entire global count runs on WordPress CMS. This has clearly revealed that WordPress has a comprehensive reach over the net. It is a large global community that is constantly growing – an unstoppable force the powers more than ¼ of the total internet. Though, with this huge user-base, it is also undeniable that it invites the attention of the hackers – making WordPress websites prone to hacking things.

Now the question that website owners ask is, is WordPress website still secure?

And the answer is YES.

Surely maximum people will deny but WordPress website is still secured – diligence is the key for this.

What Constitute WordPress?

There are the basic three elements of WordPress namely: the core code part which makes up the WordPress install, the WP themes which determine how sites look and how it will work, and WP plugins which are small applications that spread WordPress in exciting manner.

What Causes Hacking Incidents?

Via, wordpress themes and plugins are made available from many other sources, that at some point, may even source from immoral hackers who get their hands on commercial themes and install malware in them. The inferior thing in this system is that these themes and plugins are given away online to people willing to get them for free of cost. And that is where the threat lies. Because of the enormous size of the WordPress installed base and the complexity of its ecosystem, vulnerabilities could be just lying in a corner waiting for malicious activities to find them.

Why do We say It is Secured?

The core is maintained by a huge group of wordpress volunteers who are extremely good at their expertise. These are coders who secured the community by updating the system’s codes, themes and even plugins from susceptibilities every now and then.

Like with app stores, WordPress sources take some measurable care in what is listed for users to use. Though there may have been corrupt themes on the internet, it is still harmless to get from the main community. Themes on go through a testing process and plugins go through an initial vetting before they’re first allowed to be posted.

Is WordPress Still Reliable?

As per, WordPress is still reliable. However, if you would truly like to make the most out of your website and keep is safe, there are still caveats that go with using WordPress.

  • If you are well experienced with web maintenance, you might want to have it hosted via
  • If you choose for freedom in customizing your website but couldn’t do web maintenance, you can hire somebody who can maintain the website professionally, and who will update it frequently from themes to plugins.
  • As much as possible, refrain from downloading commercial themes or plugins from reliable source especially those which you can get for free.
  • If you modified your WordPress with, you also need to ensure that you are hosting your website securely with a reliable hosting server.

Despite the issues about the security of WordPress, it is still undeniable that it is one of the best platforms for website development. Again, all it takes to secure your WordPress is diligence or trusting service providers who specialize in creating WordPress-based websites.

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